Amazon vouchers for performance enhancement at Deutsche Post Leserservice

Strengthening the brand by embracing its partner, Amazon


  • Creating purchasing incentives for end consumers


  • Increase in sales

  • Strengthened brand by embrace of its partner

  • High customer satisfaction due to smooth process

The account

  • Subscription shop of Deutsche Post AG

  • Over 7,000 magazines and 1,000 ePapers on offer


  • Performance increase

  • Increase in customer loyalty

Interview by Amazon Germany with TRG about the incentives for the firm’s client, Deutsche Post Leserservice.

Amazon: What set off the collaboration with Amazon?


TRG: The idea of working with Amazon has been around for a long time. We got it very early from one of our customers, Deutsche Post Leserservice. The company sells newspaper subscriptions and wants to create sales incentives for end consumers by rewarding customers with gifts of various kinds. Since Deutsche Post was unable to work directly with Amazon for administrative reasons, we stepped in and positioned ourselves as an intermediary between the two companies. Through our contracts with Deutsche Post and Amazon, we were able to quickly ensure that both sides got exactly what they wanted. This initial idea has allowed us to grow and support our customers in their sales promotions and activities by providing Amazon vouchers. We continued working with Amazon because we recognised the value that Amazon can offer both to our accounts and their customers. Amazon has met our expectations in every respect and in some cases exceeded them.


“High customer satisfaction due to the smooth process”


Amazon: What results have you observed using Amazon vouchers?


TRG: The Amazon vouchers are easy to use and help us implement campaigns quickly. The projects we work on are not just about monetary factors. How much we pay, how much we get and the number of transactions are of course very important. The ability to successfully complete the project without excessive work and without problems is at least as important. By using Amazon Incentives, everything works out wonderfully – both for us and for our accounts.


Amazon: Why do your accounts choose Amazon vouchers?


TRG: When it comes to incentives, vouchers are generally more attractive to end consumers than physical products. In general, the final consumer needs his or her full concentration in order to decide on an available offer, like subscribing to a newspaper or opening a checking account. They don’t want to have to worry about which gift or premium to choose. Many end consumers therefore opt for an Amazon voucher, because they can then decide what they want to redeem their reward for at a later point in time. Amazon vouchers are perfect because they let customers decide to buy only what they really want and when it suits them best.

Amazon: How did you change the way you use Amazon vouchers?

TRG: In the beginning, advertisers sent the printed gift vouchers themselves. Now we almost exclusively use digital Amazon vouchers, which are either passed on to the advertisers in the form of Excel lists or sent directly via the Amazon email tool. The entire Amazon process is very simple and supports our digital emphasis. This digital solution appeals to both advertisers and consumers. It’s faster, easier and cheaper for advertisers and has never caused trouble for end users. 

Amazon: What other uses are you planning for Amazon Incentives?

TRG: We have already achieved impressive results through our collaboration with Amazon. We now also offer Amazon vouchers as a bonus supplement or to our employees in recognition of innovative ideas, for example. I could also imagine connecting customer acquisition campaigns, loyalty campaigns and customer loyalty programs. Currently, most transactions are only remunerated once with an incentive. We are also thinking about how the clients we work for, especially their loyal customers, could get Amazon incentives. We could imagine our clients’ customers automatically receiving a credit in the form of an Amazon voucher every month, rather than receiving the entire reward immediately after responding to the campaign. This would be an incentive for end customers to remain loyal to our clients. We think that our clients and their customers would appreciate a system like that.


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