Affiliate Marketing

A strong sales channel

DWe will successfully and transparently place your products and services using one of the most profitable instruments of online marketing. The focus of our carefully planned and cost-effective comprehensive support is the targeted networking of content partners with you as the advertiser. Relying on expertise and many years of experience, in addition to excellent contacts, our affiliate experts plan and assume responsibility for the creation and implementation of your affiliate concepts, ensuring the acquisition of new, high-performance partners and an increase in sales. TRG can help you expand your publisher base in already successful segments, aid you in identifying and acquiring additional reach, assist in reactivating existing partnerships and help expand partner programmes or large-scale collaborations. Affiliate marketing’s customary performance-based remuneration ensures low economic risk and full control of ROI.




Whether it is a price search-engine, a voucher page, a cashback- and content-portal or a deal blog, affiliate sites often provide the decisive impulse for completing a purchase when making complex purchase decisions and can also serve as a trigger for impulse buys. As such, they are a vital sales solution in the online marketing mix. Cooperation with established and trustworthy sales partners combined with attractive offers and brands creates the ideal conditions for low-risk and performance-based sales with a controllable ROI.


  • Strategic Consulting: Conceptual design of tailor-made affiliate solutions and development of efficient optimisation recommendations 
  • New Reach: A dedicated department for publisher management ensures the effective development and scouting of strong sales affiliates
  • Extensive Reporting: Full transparency to establish optimal conditions for the continual optimisation of partner programs
  • Programme Management:  Implementation and administration of campaigns with the biggest affiliate networks
  • Quality Assurance Tools to prevent brand-bidding and ad-hijacking along with qualified personnel and automated KPI alerts
  • Comprehensive Service Ad optimisation, A/B tests, campaign management, reporting and creation of custom advertising media


Active publisher management to establish new affiliate reach


In coordination with your marketing strategy, TRG brings publishers together with products and marketing goals. We establish an active, diversified and sustainable distribution partner network with suitable, high-quality publishers. With the help of our Thinking Marketing concept, the focus consistently remains on your target group and new partner potentials are continuously developed. From set-up stage, constant optimisation and success monitoring to promotions development and the acquisition of new publishers, all measures are optimised with a view to increasing your brand’s sales. We not only analyse how successfully our partners are performing, we also help them efficiently achieve results. Our enduring relationships with top publishers and affiliate networks allow us to effectively formulate offers to publishers and successfully implement them.


Comprehensive support for your success


In addition to strategic planning and consulting services, we also provide you with the operative implementation of your affiliate campaigns. If desired, we can take over the overall account management of your partner program. We also have the necessary technical expertise for an effective implementation of your goals. Our own specialised teams in the areas of telecommunications, finance and retail can advise you and help select commissions, optimise advertising media and choose suitable affiliates. We generate the best possible outcomes with the concept we design specifically for your needs – including an increase in your reach and the resulting strengthening of your brand awareness and a desired increase in turnover via sales. TRG provides you with transparent reporting for all KPIs, takes care of your permanent campaign development and ensures the highest-quality standards through the use of a wide variety of tools.
We have developed our own performance platform for our clients: Medialead®, which integrates all of the functions needed for successful online-campaign processing into a single solution. It includes state-of-the-art tracking technology; the efficient management of advertising media, campaigns and sales partners; thorough and industry-specific monitoring and reporting; audit-proof billing; convenient interface management; and high levels of flexibility when it comes to individual adjustments. This eases your everyday work and gives you more time for strategic tasks.
Affiliate marketing is based on trust and arises from fair partnerships and transparent working methods. Our high-quality standards and the success of our work are continuously affirmed by the awards and certificates we have won, by the excellence of our employees and, last but not least, by our successful relationships with our clients.