Amazon Marketing

More e-commerce turnover via Marketplace marketing.

Anyone who wants to be successful in online trading today cannot avoid the big player from the USA. In 2018, Amazon generated almost as much revenue as the remaining nine of the top 10 online shops in Germany. As a result, successful positioning on the Amazon Marketplace is a key prerequisite for becoming a competitive e-commerce merchant and attaining high sales figures. Whether you are first launching on Amazon or wanting to increase your existing Marketplace business through listing optimisation, we can support you with our Amazon Marketing services, providing you with profitable Amazon ads and content optimisation for higher, organic rankings and increased sales.




Amazon is an indispensable sales channel for e-commerce brands and retailers. The correct positioning of products, a conversion-optimised product listing with Amazon SEO and the placement of Amazon ads are extremely important for long-term success on the marketplace. All of these measures, however, are needed to attain a mutually reinforcing effect and optimal results.




  • Amazon SEO: Content production and listing optimisation to increase organic rankings and thus revenues
  • Amazon PPC: Campaign optimisation and sales increase through data-driven analyses. We optimise manually and using 24/7 automation via our tools that were especially developed for Amazon
  • Full-service agency: We offer not only all Amazon Marketing services, but also cross-channel consulting.
  • Strong brands: We work transparently & efficiently. From small- and medium-sized businesses to internationally operating companies, brands place their trust in us.


ASIN analysis and keyword research


We analyse Amazon product listings for optimisation potential and identify weak points that need improvement. To best optimise a listing, we require a thorough understanding of the product and its competitors on Amazon. To this end, we carry out an extensive product research outside Amazon, which gives us detailed insight into the product’s target group. After creating the analysis, we explain how a product listing can be placed in the top positions for relevant keywords.
Keyword optimisation is one of the most important ranking factors on the Amazon Marketplace. With our comprehensive competition and category analysis, we ensure that correct and relevant keywords are identified for product listings. In doing so, we place special emphasis on the so-called long-tail keywords, which have a high chance of being ordered but are often used incorrectly. This maximizes the visibility of the article after publication and thus significantly increases Amazon rankings and sales.


Listing optimisation & Amazon SEO


We know the necessary requirements for the Amazon A9 algorithm that make product data understandable and functional for Amazon. This enables us to significantly improve product placement in Amazon search results and increase organic sales. As part of the so-called listing optimisation or Amazon ASIN optimisation, product images and graphics, bullet points with relevant keywords, product descriptions (Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content), backend keywords, and product details are added or supplemented. We also store complete product data and enrich the product-page content with relevant keywords from our product, competition, and keyword analysis to create a technically flawless, optimised product page. Complementary A+ content shapes the customer’s brand experience and emotionalises the product, leading to an increase in sales of up to 10.4%. Customers do not buy keywords. They want to be convinced. We create technically optimised and experience-oriented product pages that build trust and eliminate potential concerns, and thus lead the user to a buying decision.


Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands


The Amazon search box is used by 75% of Amazon customers to search for products. This is where sponsored ads come in. You can reach and interact with buyers at the right time and place through keyword- and product-targeting and via prominent ad placements. With Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Amazon offers ad formats that increase the reach and awareness of brands and products and increase sales. Sponsored Products are placed above and within the organic search results, allowing users to directly notice you in the product search. Sponsored Brand Ads are placed in a prominent position above the organic results to increase awareness or promote the Amazon Brand Store. We analyse competitors and similar products to determine suitable keywords and use them for an optimised ad group structure. On-going adjustments and optimisations ensure that we can achieve ACOS and sales targets. We then present them transparently in an extensive reporting and regular overall analysis.
Amazon Ads draws additional potential buyers to product pages and spurs sales, which increases sales performance and thus has a positive effect on the organic ranking. A brand only attains maximum performance on Amazon Marketplace when Amazon Advertising is used in combination with Amazon SEO: Both support each other synergistically in increasing search visibility and thus leading to higher sales.

Amazon Stores

Amazon’s Brand Stores enable brand owners to present their products individually on their own Amazon Brand Store. The free Amazon Stores offer a range of different design options with a tailored corporate look and brand-specific Amazon URL. They are also designed to be responsive, so that they can always be experienced optimally on mobile devices and so buyers are not distracted by competitive offers or advertisements. Offer categorisations and individual product recommendations allow users to discover a brand’s new arrivals, bestsellers, and general offerings in peace and quiet. To allow the optimisation of on-going advertising campaigns, Amazon provides visitor numbers, page views and shop sales figures via the Stores Insights dashboard. It is also possible to analyse external traffic sources, thus providing a comprehensive picture of the brand’s presence on Amazon. We look after your brand’s store and take care of on-going maintenance, evaluation and, if desired, action planning.