Strategy consulting

Digital corporate and marketing strategies from concept to implementation

Separating success from chance – that is our mission when it comes to using the right measure at the right time in the world of online marketing. Online advertising, attribution, targeting, and programmatic advertising are becoming increasingly complex and require in-depth expert knowledge. That is why we see our task, for our clients, as bringing together complex challenges and jointly mastering them. We take the time to have clarifying discussions with you and provide you with a good basis for decision-making by way of workshops and audits. Wrong strategies and measures not only cost money, they also create unnecessary new problems. We define goals based on your expectations and plan how we can achieve them. These form the basis of the project plan, which includes methods for customer acquisition and customer retention as well as a cross-channel media strategy.

To reach customers, we first need to know who these customers are and where we can find them. We therefore start with a comprehensive target-group analysis of potential and existing customers. We collect and analyse data on online behaviour and thus gain insight into the buying process. This enables us to visualise the entire customer journey from the first point of contact to the purchase decision and make it more controllable. Understanding consumers based a variety of data sources enables us to develop marketing solutions that are tailored to people and thus achieve better results for brands.




Digitalisation affects communication and branding on many levels. In contrast to the classic media world, its channels are much more diverse, and bridges need to be built between online and offline business models. The digital approach is more direct, the channel selection more complex and labour-intensive. Reaching consumers at the right time and in the right place with the right messages is not a new challenge, but success and failure can now be measured much more precisely and is decisive in strategy selection. As an online marketing agency, we at TRG therefore have the belief that successful marketing is measurable firmly anchored in our DNA.



  • Analysis audits: Comprehensive evaluation of the status quo and current measures, competition, target group, technology, and the available data
  • Strategic development: Individually tailored online marketing with a focus on clearly defined goals
  • Best-case scenario: Optimistic and realistic forecasts of projects based on the current situation
  • Customer journey consideration: Consulting on data-based potentials for the creation of exponential value
  • Successful technical advice: Direct support of teams in daily media business for excellent cross-channel campaigns



Workshops – understandable and tangible transfer of knowledge

As marketing and industry experts, we are able to coach and train others to anticipate the latest changes in the industry with our clients. We organise workshops that are tailored to your goals, needs, and culture, and the personality of your employees. With our personalised training, our clients have a head start on data and technology topics and can stay up to date. Our workshops are divided into sub-sections: SEA, SEO, affiliate marketing, performance-display marketing, social media marketing as well as programmatic advertising and analytics. An agenda is constructed for each workshop based on individual requirements. We can help you with suggestions about which subjects are most popular. We then prepare the workshop and quickly, but thoroughly, ensure that everything is implemented according to your wishes. At the end of each workshop, we provide you with a hand-out and the workshop presentation.


Auditing – quality testing with thinking marketing


A TRG audit is a multi-stage evaluation with a scale that covers the individual points relevant to the examination and that draws on our many years of experience. Your project, website, or campaign will be checked and evaluated manually by a senior team member as well as by an automated process. At the end of each audit, there is a clear evaluation, an assessment of the current situation and a detailed recommendation for action. Throughout the process, we ensure that the evaluation is uniform and objective and that measures are identified that directly add value. We offer audits for all our core competencies: SEA, SEO, affiliate, Amazon and Google marketing, social-media marketing, performance display and programmatic advertising.


Attribution – customer journey viewing and data management


Attribution enables us to assign specific values to individual points of contact for people within the user journey. Nowadays, the last click and multiple end-devices are less helpful benchmarks than ever for understanding the actual value of each customer contact. Identifying users across devices and channels is imperative as it enables the analysis and optimisation of customer interaction. Data management is a crucial and complex issue in addressing that. We provide advice and assistance on everything from your data-management strategy to ensuring GDPR and ePrivacy compliance. We believe in creating unique solutions for each of our customers. With our technological know-how and extensive industry knowledge, we provide insights and share our experience throughout the entire data-management and data-protection process. Our holistic approach makes us the perfect ally in choosing innovative and customised tools and partners.