Google Marketing

E-commerce online marketing

DGoogle’s breadth of products, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar and other services, have made it an integral part of the lives of most online internet users and online consumers around the world. Google Search and related sites, like Google Shopping, have become some of the most popular sources of information and consumer purchases around the world. The search-engine giant has become an integral part of e-commerce, and for online retailers, it has long been one of the primary revenue channels. Take advantage of a professional, sustainable set-up that allows you to increase your performance and develop new revenues.




Our granular accounts, created in accordance with 2020 Google standards, form the basis for the perfect daily optimisation achieved by our account manager and the tools we use. Our experts, with experience from over 1,000 projects, are familiar with the lead and revenue drivers in many sectors. We hone your CRR and CPO goals for one of the world’s largest search engines and measurably increase your sales.


  • Free account analysis 
  • No limit on keywords and ads 
  • Over 10 years of experience 
  • Suitable for B2B and B2C projects 
  • Senior experts for your account
  • Experience from over 1,000 projects 
  • Effective options for e-commerce shops


Google Ads & Shopping


We ensure that you are not only more visible in text ads and among Google Shopping products, but that you also generate more profit. To do this, we adjust your ads for your individual marketing goals. Our tools and applied e-commerce algorithms optimise tens of thousands of pieces of data all day, night and weekend long – a fully automated, self-learning system with the goal of increasing your return on investment. Our specialty for the past decade has been increasing our clients’ visibility, revenues and leads – and our targeted quality factor optimisation means you pay less per click than your competitors.


Display advertising


The customer journey of your customers often begins with banner ads. Increase your brand awareness during peak season quickly and cost-effectively, even outside of Google Search. Our control system allows you to benefit from the vast size of the Google display network with simultaneous performance.

YouTube video ads


YouTube is one of the world’s largest online platforms and a part of the Google universe. Old-fashioned television is increasingly being replaced by online platforms like YouTube. In combination with Google Search, video and sound strengthen brand awareness. Smart TVs and smartphones, in particular, allow customers to interact with your brand via videos and banners. We supplement your customer journey with eye-catching videos and banner elements on popular YouTube channels that are appropriate to your products or services – local, regional, national and international.


Google Jobs

Leverage the organic reach of the Google Jobs platform and avoid expensive monthly budgets spent on third-party platforms. Your organically optimised job ads are positioned exactly where dissatisfied employees go to look for their next challenge – on Google.


Google MyBusiness

Location-based marketing is made possible by Google MyBusiness. When looking for a local restaurant, hairdresser, hotel or other business, users turn to Google Maps. The right text, ratings and images are essential for your success and to get potential customers to decide in your favour. We place your company in a prominent position so that users decide to go with you instead of your local competitors.

Google Remarketing/Retargeting

It is expensive to approach new users and direct them to your website using online advertising. But users who leave your website after an initial visit are not lost. With the help of granular user segments, we address users according to their different needs, so that they come back and revisit your brand – or complete the registration process or make a purchase. We affordably bring back users that seem to have been lost and turn them into your new customers using intelligent advertising design and in full compliance with data-protection regulations.

Google Data Studio Reporting

You can receive individual reports from us anywhere and at any time, updated to the second with the key figures you need. You can share these reports with your employees, stakeholders and cooperative partners, and enhance them with all kinds of external data. These reports also form the basis of our weekly joint telephone audits and for the database that allows all project participants to evaluate their success.