Influencer Marketing

Building trust with personalities

Maria Riecke-Katsoulas

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of modern brand management. It unlocks new potential for brands that want to achieve greater reach and interaction with their target group. As marketing activities change, the number of companies working with influencers has grown rapidly. Due to the information overload among consumers, classical advertising measures are viewed as annoyances or are simply ignored, making recommendations from friends, acquaintances or independent experts increasingly important. This is where influencer marketing comes in, highlighting products and brands with personal opinions and recommendations. Its goals can include an increase in brand awareness, the generation of visitors, or image transfer from an influencer to a brand.


Influencers are opinion leaders in their community, whose proximity and function as role models affords them a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness. Our influencer marketing campaigns increase our customers’ name recognition and create a strong brand identity.


Classical product placement is one of the best-known forms of influencer marketing, but it is only one option for increasing the awareness of a product or service. An influencer does not necessarily have to operate as a salesperson, he or she can also work as a brand ambassador as part of a long-term partnership. When prominent personalities become part of your brand identity, consumers associate the influencers – and their positive attitude toward the brand – with the company. This subtle approach allows for the creation of a long-term and sustainable brand identity.


  • Concept & strategy: We support and advise you in the conception and definition of communication and channels
  • Influencer scouting: We find suitable influencers who can feature the brand and product in an authentic and target group-specific way
  • Creative planning: Together, we develop campaigns that correspond to visions for the brand while giving influencers their creative freedom
  • Quality assurance: We ensure that content is created according to the briefing and that legal requirements are met
  • Reporting: To visualize successes, we monitor and report all important key figures and guidance on the respective channel


Finding the right influencer


Influencer marketing should be a part of an overall marketing strategy. We develop a plan within the campaign that emphasizes which content is relevant at what time, so the brand resonates on an ongoing basis with the defined target group. After jointly determining the KPIs, which are also used to measure success after the campaign, we begin researching and finding fitting influencers. An influencer’s reach, as well as his or her image, appropriateness to the brand, authenticity and previous collaborations are important. The influencers’ communities are also compared with customers’ preferred target groups. We then select suitable influencers together with the client and take over communication. After the collaboration has been successfully completed, a comprehensive analysis of the performance values is carried out and summarized in a report.


Positive brand association


Influencers can be classified into various orders of magnitude. Macro influencers, who have a high number of followers and are usually present on several social media channels at once, usually offer a company high reach and positive image transfer. As a rule, they deal with broad topics, such as beauty, fashion or lifestyle. Celebrities can also act as influencers. They use their fame and their reach in social media and can, for instance, provide testimonials. Then there are micro influencers, whose communities are highly knowledgeable and rely on the influencers’ authentic and honest recommendations. They sometimes cover niche topics that are ignored by larger influencers, such as literature or medicine. There are also influencers outside the social networks who primarily or exclusively run blogs that mention or review products.