Media Planning

Pursuing the right target group for a successful campaign

Media planning is probably the most important task of any successful campaign. As part of our online media planning, we coordinate the desired channels based on the campaign objectives, in close coordination with the advertiser or agency, building an individual and strategic campaign concept for implementation. The online media planning is determined by campaign objectives and evaluation criteria, and is based on our many years of experience and expert knowledge of the respective online measures. The more information there is available and the more concrete the specified goals are, the greater the campaign success will be. We therefore tailor each campaign individually to its concrete goals and take into account the advantages of individual channels. We take over the strategic conception and implementation of online campaigns when it comes to performance and branding goals and optimise it for the most high-performing channels and target groups throughout the entire campaign.

By controlling the process using several DSPs and our own ad-server technologies, we not only enable you to run campaigns across markets and in a targeted manner, we also measurably increase the efficiency and performance of the campaign. Because we already control more than 1,000 active campaigns on a permanent basis, you benefit from our experience, our partnerships, and our favourable purchasing conditions via volume discounts. We are happy to pass these advantages on to our clients.


Each successful campaign is based on the right selection of target groups as well as on the timely targeting of high-quality and, above all, relevant inventory. The timing of the impulse as well as the choice of channel is crucial if the full attention of the user is to be successfully directed to the brand message. Our many years of experience in media buying, as well as our strong background and our existing audience-targeting partnerships enable us to offer a successful, complete service that includes media planning, successful management, and end-of-campaign reporting. Your success is our aim!



  • Cross-media optimisation data-driven, cross-channel optimisation
  • Bundling of reaches: Cross-market placement on top AGOF sites
  • In-house technology: Our own ad-server technology with thousands of classified websites and our own optimisation algorithms
  • User-centred serving of advertisements: Consideration of the entire customer journey and not only shop behaviour
  • Performance-oriented serving of advertisements: Focus on CPO, with many years of performance experience
  • Transparency: Presentation of optimisations and reaches
  • Highest level of safety and quality: Compliance with frequency capping and with retargeting privacy policies, proprietary fraud-control technologies & visibility tracking
  • All-round service: Individual creative corporate design, saving of resources with simple technical integration, continuous optimisation, consulting and customer service
  • Competence: Over ten years of experience in display advertising




Reach the right user on
relevant inventory at the right time


There is more to executing a successful campaign than just delivery – it requires experience, up-to-date knowledge and in-house technology from a single source, as well as a clear media-planning target. We are your partner in the successful and efficient delivery of your campaign to the desired target groups and channels.


We’re listening. Our best-practice questions:


  • What is the exact goal of the campaign?
  • What is the measure of success?
  • At what point is a campaign considered successful?
  • What advertising message is to be conveyed to the user?
  • Who is the target group – and is it sufficient or should a proposal be developed?
  • What socio-demographic data is available & should existing customers be excluded?
  • Which channels and formats should be used (MEW/InApp, desktop, device, advertising media)
  • What is the duration of the campaign, at what time and in what places should the advertising be done?
  • What is the budget?


Throughout the duration of the campaign, we not only pay attention to target fulfilment and the relationship between CPM and reach, but using a targeted user approach, we also ensure that wastage is avoided and the set KPIs are achieved. As a basis for assessment, we offer target group reach via Nielsen DAR, continuous optimisation on CTRs and view rates as well as downstream advertising effectiveness measurements. These brand engagement measurements can evaluate the success of a media campaign, especially branding campaigns. Users with campaign contact and users without campaign contact are questioned and evaluated with a brand engagement survey about the advertising’s effectiveness and about the brand triad. We also work with the standard visibility-tracking tools, including Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, to evaluate the advertising media’s visibility and the transmission of their messages.


During the media-planning and campaign-creation process, we always offer relevant data from external data providers on request via our technical partnerships with 4 DSPs and transparently discuss the target groups used and the results of the respective campaign flights. Since we continuously book, deliver and optimise more than 1.5 billion ad impressions for our customers every month, you benefit from our volume discounts, targeted delivery of ads, and experience from the thousands of campaigns we carry out across all markets – all this personally and from one provider, our TRG Media Planning Team.