Display Performance

Native Advertising

In a world of thousands of ad contacts and a wealth of brands and services, users are looking for relevance, which is the basis of potential demand and building brand awareness. Native Ads enable brands to make their message more relevant and effective and manage their key performance indicators more effectively. Native Advertising is no longer just a single ad, but a set of possibilities with the commonality that your message is much more tailored to the environment and the user when the ad is displayed.

Our user-centric native advertising media form the basis of display campaigns and, thanks to our innovative tracking technology and continuous analysis of behavioural data and user-specific characteristics, ensure that we target precisely those users for whom a purchase is statistically most likely and for whom their content is most relevant. In this way, we create a balance between awareness and response in target group-oriented media environments in our centrally managed performance network. Native ads that are freely scalable in form and size in combination with performance-based postview tracking make conversions visible and thus contribute to the continuous improvement of relevant KPIs. TRG transforms classic display marketing into a new discipline in data-driven marketing: Performance Display Native Ads.


Native ads create an enormous reach and can be implemented with little organisational effort to achieve various goals: Increasing user engagement, raising brand awareness, generating leads and conversions, or strengthening brand trust and customer loyalty. Or they can generate leads and traffic for sales promotions as a complementary measure to TV and print and other online campaigns, while at the same time ensuring a high user acceptance.




  • User-centred advertising: Data-driven, editorial user approach for fewer stray losses with real user interest
  • Mobile first: Our native ads reach your prospects automatically on all devices and in the style and form of their respective environment
  • Premium reach: Native ads on thousands of high-quality websites from all over Europe, bundled in an exclusive performance network
  • Positive brand perception: Recommending content and relevant offers in a suitable context and unobtrusive presentation
  • Low cost risk: Performance-based billing option on CPO, CPL, CPM, CPC or hybrid basis
  • Brand-safe control: Compliance with all EU data protection guidelines as well as extensive brand safety measures
  • All-round service: Ad and text optimisation, A/B tests, campaign management, reporting and individual advertisement creation


Perfect reach on every end device


We bundle the media performance of thousands of high-quality premium websites and marketers and publisher inventory in the TRG Performance network for maximum reach throughout Europe. The editorial and recommending nature of our Native Ads ensures high user acceptance and higher interaction rates as well as a more positive brand image, compared to interactions with conventional display brand banners. TRG optimises performance display campaigns based on our proprietary, self-learning “Machine Learning Algorithm”, which is used to create precise profiles for targeting suitable ads.

Collected data is summarised anonymously and statistically analysed, thus forming the basis for continuously optimising campaigns to achieve the desired results during the customer journey. Optimisation factors include websites already visited, times of day and weekly developments, but also technical data such as country, browser language or the achievement of certain goals, such as a sales transaction. Click-strong yet sub-class websites are filtered out. TRG is able to identify an individual and dynamic eCPM for each individual consumer within the defined target group at any time. The results are newly initiated demand potentials on any device, in any format – efficient and measurable.


A performance-oriented model for recording the advertising performance


Many internet users find online advertising too ubiquitous and not very informative. Our Native Ads fit harmoniously into the content of the website, create a positive brand perception through their unobtrusive and editorial nature, so that your ads are consciously perceived. The result of this form of advertising is that more users see, read, and click on the ads. And best of all: More visitors convert. When considering advertising performance, the click is too one-dimensional as a measuring instrument and size. Years ago, clicks became the standard method for tracking goals in digital advertising because they could be counted, but not because they should be. Studies have shown that more than 85% of all measured clicks are generated by just 8% of the population –
at the same time, more than 90% of visits to the websites of companies that advertise come from non-clickers. This means that in the course of an evaluation of the activities by means of a customer journey, the value of display, and therefore performance display ads, becomes visible. While some channels and measures in online marketing focus purely on siphoning off sales (pull), performance display campaigns initialise newly emerging demand potential and reach (push), which later leads to purchases or the achievement of defined goals. Even without clicks, namely through visual contact and thus branding, there is a significant influence on other channels.