User-centred retargeting

Marléne Eschler
Team Lead Display

The use of retargeting technology in performance marketing makes it easier for you to approach potential customers again. Normally, users are shown products they have viewed on your website. Our user-centred retargeting goes beyond the classical approach by optimising the customer’s needs. Through the intelligent use of parameters such as frequency capping and behavioural targeting, we are able to derive interests, segment users, and pick them up wherever they are on the customer journey. This enables us to optimise your advertising and to place it with the highest possible relevance. The user is thus shown personalised advertising that really interests them.



User-centred retargeting utilizes the enormous, unused potential for advertisers currently offered by data-driven online marketing by putting the user, along with their motivations and needs, in the foreground. In this way, prospects become customers and customers become fans. Consistent KPI optimisation increases campaign performance and ROI.




  • Cross-media optimisation: data-driven cross-channel optimisation
  • Bundling of reaches: Placement on leading AGOF pages, Facebook Retargeting and Google Remarketing
  • In-house technology: Own ad server technology with thousands of classified websites and own optimisation algorithms
  • User-centred control: Consideration of the entire customer journey and not just shop behaviour
  • Performance-oriented control: CPO in focus
  • Transparency: Display of optimisations and reaches
  • Highest security and quality: Compliance with frequency capping and retargeting privacy guidelines, proprietary fraud control technologies, visibility tracking
  • All-round service: Individual creation of high-quality banners in corporate design, conservation of resources with simple technical integration, continuous optimisation, advice, and customer care
  • Competence: Over 10 years’ experience in display advertising



Data-driven optimisation of user profiles


Our technology sketches a detailed picture of every single visitor to your website and analyses which point a customer is in the customer journey at the time that they are addressed. Users leave traces on their customer journey, which you can use to optimise your retargeting campaign. It is not only their behaviour on the website that is relevant for the management of the campaign, which is why we also analyse off-site data for you in addition to on-site data. Complex profile data enables an individualised and effective approach to each user. For example, if the user has looked at products or even placed them in the shopping cart and still cancels the purchase, he or she will receive information about the product he or she is looking for in connection with the shop advantages in a comparatively high frequency. If a profile indicates a woman is briefly interested in men’s products, the short-term measures are aimed at closing a purchase in the men’s segment, while women’s products are advertised in the long term. The individual user approach in combination with sensible frequency capping creates trust and leads to high-quality sales in the long term. We intelligently transfer these insights into advertising messages for you and control them across all channels.


High-quality reach combined with innovative technology


For maximum efficiency of your retargeting campaigns, we use our own performance network to deliver thousands of high-quality websites from across Europe. In addition, you have the option of using cross-channel display advertising, social, search, email and mobile coverage. Through optimised purchasing, we realise a cost-saving and efficient approach to each of your target groups. In a resource-saving way, we install a one-time code into your online shop or website, which collects and processes all information provided. With the help of our in-house Audience Tag, we can then collect advertising-relevant information about your users and thus transfer the needs of your customers into intelligent advertising messages. Since the audience tag only needs to be installed once, we can make subsequent technical adjustments and do not require any further resources from you.
With the protection of your brand always in mind, advertisements are developed according to your design guidelines and displayed on reputable sites. The collection and processing of sensitive customer data is carried out exclusively in accordance with EU guidelines, our servers are operated in data centres in Germany. Our ad server is equipped with the latest brand safety and fraud control systems and automatically checks factors such as the quality of the environment, visibility, etc.