Social Media Marketing

Successful advertising on social networks

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat are used by over 2 billion people worldwide and don’t just influence the media behaviour of users, they also decisively shape the dialogue between brand, followers and fans. Our social media experts help identify opportunities, professionally integrate social media advertising into the online marketing mix and reveal competitive advantages. The programmatic purchase of advertising material is a good option on most platforms, and it should increasingly be taken advantage of by advertisers. The advertising formats and targeting options available help to optimally achieve advertising objectives, because social media marketing leads to high levels of user acceptance. This is due to the successful integration of the media into user environments and the high relevance of the advertising via detailed targeting. Social media marketing is suitable for almost all advertising, given that the breadth of platforms, formats and target groups can cover almost any need. We maintain close relationships with all social networks and provide our customers with current industry knowledge about the latest updates, beta versions and targeting solutions.


Social networks and services – particularly Facebook and Twitter – allow for a more precise approach to the target group. Social media platforms also allow comprehensive reach and numerous contact-points along the entire customer journey. In combination, these two factors offer enormous potential for brand building, the long-term acquisition of new customers and customer loyalty and they help transform customers into true fans.


Social networks provide advertisers with numerous advertising opportunities and advantages compared to other online marketing channels. Log-in environments provide platforms with real first-party user data for the formation of segments. Precise target group identification allows advertisers to approach the right users, while minimising wasted effort and allowing efficient campaign oversight. The multitude of platforms and advertising formats allows social media marketing to be used for nearly any kind of advertising purpose. Campaign results also offer exciting insights into target groups that can then be transferred to other channels. The platforms are constantly adjusting their offerings to account for the changes in user behaviour and fulfil the needs of advertisers. This dynamic of constantly expanding advertising possibilities presents companies with a significant challenge – one that we help solve as a professional partner.


  • Automation: Recurring, non-value-added tasks are automated via dashboards and smart media plans, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.
  • Synergetic and profitable strategies: Our social team is in constant contact with other media-buying channels, including search, performance and display.
  • Using interfaces: Using the client’s DMP, we create powerful data-driven targeting with the highest conversion readiness.
  • Creative thinking: As an independent agency, we invest a lot of time in creative processes so that they optimally fit the platforms’ requirements.



Social media advertising – reach consumers in a targeted and individualised way


With social media marketing, advertisers can track all their advertising objectives along the marketing funnel – and not only individually, but in an integrated fashion. Beyond this holistic approach, there are numerous other ways that companies can use social networks as part of their media approach to supplement or strengthen their activities. When it comes to an overall digital strategy, it is important to take advantage of the synergies between the various marketing channels. Clicks that are directed to your own website via display advertising, for example, can also be used for social marketing campaigns through the implementation of platform pixels, allowing visitors to be addressed a second time with content that is highly relevant to them. Retargeting audiences are formed for this purpose, relative to the needs of the campaign and the website’s possibilities. TV spots can also be extended into social networks to increase incremental reach. The possibilities created by extremely precise regional targeting on social media platforms allows out-of-home campaigns to be digitally extended or complemented. Social media advertising can be useful for first contacts as well as for increasing customer loyalty. Interactivity opens up new opportunities for you, given that it places even greater emphasis on dialogue with customers. The goal is to generate positive emotions and convey attractive offers.

Comprehensive analysis of KPIs within the social media strategy


The use of suitable KPIs, and thus the correct evaluation of success, is a prerequisite for the optimal steering of your social media advertising. We continuously carry out this control process, often automatically and in real time. Your strategic orientation, the goals you have identified and the continuous measurement and monitoring of your campaign are crucial for the constant improvement of your measures and their success in a rapidly changing media environment. We are happy to support you throughout the entire value-adding process. By analysing numerous factors, including ad impressions, unique visitors, fans, click-through rates, interaction rates, length of stay and much more, we are able to document the effect of specific measures and optimise them continuously for you. Our marketing managers’ know-how combined with their many years of experience enables them to correctly interpret the efficacy of the measures implemented and recognise the factors that lead to success. Depending on your objectives, we can use brand KPIs or performance KPIs or a combination of the two.
We comprehensively analyse the state of paid, owned and earned media in your company and observe developments over time. What makes the target group tick? Who are your biggest fans? What do the biggest critics say? What is the competition doing? What must be done to ensure that brand-related communication is actively shaped and moderated? We can also advise you on community management and on the right mix of organic and paid social media traffic.
To this end, we also offer selective operational support during the creation of editorial plans or the placement of paid ads on social media channels, as well as strategy workshops and training on all social media issues.