Search Engine Ads (SEA)

Keyword-based Search Engine Marketing

DOur certified experts support you in designing your SEA measures. By placing ads in search results and shopping ads on Google, BING, Yandex, and price comparison sites, we direct high-quality traffic to your website and increase performance and sales for you.

Our over 15 years of experience means that we can not only efficiently embed your SEA strategy according to your individual objectives into your overall Online Marketing Strategy, but also tap the necessary experience in supporting and optimising the measures developed together with you. Comprehensive analyses, product data management tools and algorithm-based bidding models enable us to identify growth potential and to increase the ROI of your SEA measures – and thus your sales – and lead them to success.


SEA strengthens the brand’s search engine discoverability and is an integral part of the Online Marketing Mix. A large part of a user’s purchasing decisions begins with the use of search engines and thus with the entry of search queries. Through in-depth account audits, we identify potential and transfer this into targeted SEA measures. Continuous optimisation and our experience in combination with the use of automatic tools lead to the fulfilment of your campaign goals and the set Return on Investment (ROI).




  • Competence: Over 15 years of experience in Search Engine Advertising
  • All-round service: Personal support by certified SEA experts
  • Consulting: Analysis, consulting, and optimisation of the AdWords account, training and workshops, interim management for staff shortages
  • Search strategy: Integration of SEO analyses for successful SEA measures
  • Data-driven optimisation: Intelligent bid management, Google shopping and product data feed optimisation, conversion optimisation
  • Transparency: Regular and comprehensive reporting
  • Multi-channel approach: Remarketing, Google Shopping, search ads – additionally also via BING & Yandex



Holistic Search Engine Marketing as a conversion booster


Through consistent controlling and intensive account audits, TRG identifies previously untapped potential and formulates it into an efficient SEA strategy for you. Using our intelligent bidding strategy, we achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio for you: Timely ad updates and the exclusion of erroneous ads through feed-based real-time updates ensure optimal performance and goal achievement. The cross-terminal optimisation of your measures is part of every TRG SEA strategy.

  • Performance-based bid adjustments of the individual campaign types for different devices
  • Creation of mobile landing pages
  • Placement of ads for app installs and app interactions

For all your SEA measures, TRG performs a cross-device performance measurement and control of ads, so that the performance-based bid adjustments can be adjusted to different devices. The success of your SEA campaigns is transparently displayed and constantly improved by us through individual and regular reporting, depending on the device.
For us, SEA is more than just optimisation for paid search results: In order to reach new customers and visitors, placements can be made in Google Maps entries and on other partner websites. Within the framework of our Thinking Marketing concept, the insights gained from SEA campaigns can be used in iterative improvement for further measures such as remarketing or native or social advertising.

Many years of experience and comprehensive consulting


Our international team has many years of expertise in the areas of Google AdWords, Bidmanagment, Google Remarketing, and Google Shopping. All TRG SEA experts have several certifications from Google, Bing and Yandex and are specialists in their field.
TRG takes over the conception and support of your SEA campaign, formulates results transparently, and continuously develops the campaign further. In doing so, we not only consider your objectives in the context of Search Engine Marketing – we also keep an eye on your entire online marketing strategy.
Training and comprehensive workshops, which can help you to keep your knowledge fully up to date, are an optional part of our service. As a certified Google Partner, we are in close contact with our direct contacts at Google. Through our participation in Google Beta programs, we offer you a competitive advantage through early participation in new products or features. Our international team creates and supervises global campaigns. Ad texts and advertising messages are not simply translated but localised in other languages by native speakers.


Intelligent bid management


As an SEA provider we use bid management tools – but always in combination with manual auditing and our human expertise. Our specialists are also happy to support you in selecting, implementing, and controlling a suitable bid management tool in your company. Together with you, we create optimal bidding strategies based on the objectives of your SEA measures and the defined KPIs. The cost-benefit effect is weighed transparently. To increase the effectiveness of the individual tools, we formulate user-defined labels. The selection, implementation, and monitoring of a suitable bid management tool, such as Marin, IntelliAd, Kenshoo, Adobe Adlens, or Google Doubleclick, are fundamental for our SEA experts.
We are a certified SEA agency from Berlin and hold the following awards and distinctions: Google Premium Partner, Bing Partner, SEA quality certificate of the BVDW, signatory of the Code of Conduct of the BVDW.